Potential Tourist Spots



Sitangkai is a virtual paradise

of sand and sea….

The Island of “Eternal Summer”



Everywhere is a panorama of sheer simplicity of the island. No spot is without the wonder of nature. Even houses on stilts are themselves potential tourist   attraction.



There are no particular beach or tourist spots. As it is, Sitangkai itself is a “resort” so much so that go anywhere and have your own Island of solitude and abandon.



Sitangkai is straddled near the equator. It is normally humid and dry. The intense sunlight gives the sand and the coastlines their whiteness and clarity of the sea.



During monsoon, the sea is pretty rough and are dangerous to small vessels and crafts. Sometimes the monsoon winds could low straight for weeks making sea crossing difficult and the accompanying rain could destroy agar-agar plantations. It is during this season that agar-agar plants suffer from what is locally known as “ice-Ice”, a frost that eats away the main stems and the plants eventually fall off.



Sitangkai asibi or the small Sitangkai

Its connected to the mainland Sitangkai by a wooden bridge. It served as artillery post of the Japanese during WWII as southern defense stronghold. Japanese bunkers are still intact and part of the local attraction of the place. It is for this reason that legends surrounding the buried treasure of Gen. Yamashita have driven some people for gold treasure hunting. The fabled Yamashita treasure still fills the imagination of some folks.



Buhangin puti’ or the white sand beach

It is a popular picnic site for some locals. The beach is a kilometer long stretch of white sand which connects other low lying islets during neap tides. It is also a haven for beach combing and for gathering of seashells that abound during rough seas when they washed to the shore.



Getting to and from the different islands and islets are possible through the open bancas such as shown in the photos. They are equipped with outboard machines and are made from sturdy wood.



Here you can have an island all to your own heart’s content. Go anywhere and spend your time for all its worth.
 Here you feel eternity as though time stood still in immaculate sand and sea.



Sitangkai wharf

It is unique to the place and perhaps in the country as well. It is an offshore pier that is in the middle of the sea and away from the mainland. It is so unique that the international magazine – The National Geographic—featured it in one of its issues.


                     have an island




Saluag Island



The crystalline water is irresistibly inviting for a swim or a dive.


Saluag Island coastline stretching as far the eyes could see… 


As population continues to grow, most of the farflung islands and islets mostly of coral in origin have been slowly inhabited. The islands are in the shallows and houses are built above the waters. It is normally silent in the islands as people are out into the sea for livelihood the whole day.



Lying southeast of the mainland, Saluag Island could be reached by motorized banca and takes about an hour ride on shallow reefs that offer underwater teeming with colorful Tropical fishes.



Take a long and lazy walk, sleep on the white sand all day long, or forget time in exploring the garden below the crystal clear and still waters…whatever it is you are tempted to do is all up to you. Sitangkai is rich in tourism potentials. Its spots could rival the best there is in the country. They are yet to be developed for the promotion of local and national tourism. But the peace and order situation has always been a problem. For those who love nature in its pristine state, unaltered, and preserved, Sitangkai awaits…


Omapuy Island


It is one of the more populated island . The quality of the sea factored by constant flow of current makes it ideal place for agar-agar farming. Agar– agar grows fast with strong sea currents and shortens harvest time. The environment remains healthy and offers nature lover the best in nature.


…and another one




Island such as this is inhabited by one family only. Its solitude blends well into the peace and quiet that an island life promises.



Getting there to Sitangkai could be on a slow motor launch ride which is the normal mode of transport.



..or one could take a faster craft life the speedboat available for charter.


Come to Sitangkai

And be one with nature with
the sea, sand, and sky.

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