Job Opportunities

Opportunities for employment or professional growth are in the field of education.

Sitangkai is undergoing rapid development the past five years. Prospects for business enterprise and professional growth are complementing the said growth.


Opportunities for employment or professional growth is in the field of education. The continuous in flux of people from the different parts within the region is triggering population boom and requires more deployment of teachers in many of the far-flung island communities. Every year, there has been clamor for more teachers and educational structures and facilities. For those who seek adventure and at the same time for professional growth, Sitangkai offers the best opportunity.



Tourism is one economic sector that remains unexplored and untapped. Potentials for economic growth in the tourism sector is indeed great. In fact, much better than other areas in the country. The trend on beach resorts that is gaining worldwide

popularity as investment destinations is a great promise for Tawi-Tawi whose coastlines and many sandy Islands and islets are ideal tourists grounds.


Sitangkai population continues to grow due to migration. As the population grows so are the demands for delivery of basic services particularly in education. Deployment of teachers especially in elementary level has been increasing as more barangays or communities are created.


One such employment or enterprise is the promotion and development of the tourism industry. Job opportunities are great in the area of tourist guides and package tours.


Much of the cultures of the area has remained a purely community affair. They never been developed as tourist attractions like those in other parts of the country.



The traditional lepa, a seacraft that could be refitted for tourism purposes. Sitangkai offers a unique experience in terms of tourism development.


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